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Dear Reading Elementary "Rockets" Families & Community Members:

We understand how busy families are and homework is just one more think on the to do list.    Teachers ask that students read every night.  Reading at home with families is a great way to support your students reading skills, especially if you read with them AND they read independently.  Sometimes try reading one paragraph and have your child read the next, and then talk about what you've read after a page.   The 5 W's are great for discussion and then prediction is so important - what do they think is going to happen next?   Reading together is a great memory to make!

Kudos and heartfelt thanks to:
  • Ski Runner parent/community volunteer drivers  - Pete Seaman, Sue Mulder, Kurt Allen, and Matt Maxham!
Other Items of Interest:

Mindfulness - Thanks to a very generous grant from the Ottauqueechee Foundation, we will have "mindfulness" classes provided on Mondays. There's lots of studies to show the positive effects on children and adults.  The Ottaquechee Health Foundation has been generous in providing a wellness curriculum to our students.  Susan Mordecai will be coming in once a week to guide the students with a mindfulness practice program.  The practices aim to improve focused attention, body awareness, kindness towards self and others, and ways to develop over-all self-awareness. Susan holds a VT teaching license, and has completed several researched based programs that have been developed for the classroom setting.  In addition, Susan holds a Masters of Education, as well as a Masters in Educational Psychology.  Susan began training as a Mindfulness Educator in 2010, and began teaching mindfulness practices in public schools in 2011.   It was in 2014 that she left the position as a full-time Special Educator to offer mindfulness/social emotional learning curricula to students as well as adults.Here's a LINK to a article about mindfulness for your information.

Dreambox - Reading Elementary students can now access DreamBox Learning from any computer, 24/7 using this LINK. This is an online, Intelligent Adaptive Learning program that helps students achieve better, faster math profiency. Older students are asked to do a minimum of 15 min. at home. The teachers and families can monitor the student's progress. There is a letter attached with more details on how to access the family dashboard.

NAEP - Attention 4th grade parents - On Fri., March 3, 4th grade students will participating in the NAEP Assessment. Letters were sent home with students last week. For more information on the NAEP assessment, please visit For more information about NAEP, please visit the website at:WEBSITE. If you have questions or would like to review booklet that includes sample subject area and student questions, please contact me at 802-484-7230, or via email at

Non-Ski Runners Field Trip - For those students who have no participated in the Ski Runner program, we will be having a field trip on Fri., Feb. 17, to the Springfield Bowling Alley.  "Orange" permission slips came home last week, so please sign and return to the office.  The PTO has graciously agreed to support this trip and parents are asked to send spending money only.  
Library Books - We are still missing many library books - thanks for helping them come back in! Can you please check around your houses and make sure they come back in?

Report Cards - Report cards are coming home on Wed. If you have any concerns about your child's progress, please contact your child's teacher directly before contacting the office.

Water Violation - There is a letter being sent with the Blackboard Connect e-mail that we are required to share with all families. Please read and call the school with any questions.

Do You Know An RES Alumni? - Our library media/tech classes are conducting a survey and creating a digital living history to represent the past and present of Reading Elementary School and we need your help!   Did you attend Reading Elementary School?  Do you know someone who did?  If you did, then please complete the survey and ask other alumni, to complete the attached SURVEY. Students will be researching their town and school history and preserving it digitally. Check out what we've done so far at RES PAST AND PRESENT.

  • \Come to a Reading Elementary School Board Meeting!
  • Come read to the students or volunteer to help in the library! 

Please send in your payment if you have not already done so.   Lunch accounts should be paid in full each month.  If you need help complete the Free/Reduced Paperwork, we are here to help!  ALL APPLICATIONS are kept confidential.    Thank you!  
  • Mon., Jan. 23  -  Beef & Broccoli, Oranges, Whole Grain Rice; Breakfast:  Oatmeal & the Regulars 
  • Tues., Jan. 24- Chicken Toes, Grapes, Carrots, Potatoes & Iceberg Lettuce, Five Grain Medley; Breakfast:  Hard Boiled Eggs - The Regulars  
  • Wed., Jan. 25  - Vegetable Chili, Cottage Cheese, Tangerines, Whole Grain Tortilla Breakfast:  Pancakes- The Regulars 
  • Thurs., Jan. 26 -  Mexican Style Beef & Whole Grain Rice, Pears, Peas & Green Bean, ; Breakfast:  Hard Boiled Egg - The Regulars 
  • Fri., Jan. 27  -  Fish Plate, Applesauce, Broccoli & Cherry Tomatoes, Whole Grain Wild Rice; Breakfast: Omelet - The Regulars
Happening this Week:
  • Mon, Jan. 23 - 
    • Mindfulness Training begins in Classroom
    • Special Board Meeting 6 PM 
  • Wed., Jan. 25 - 
    • Report Cards sent home
    • After School Program 2:45 - 5 PM
  • Thurs., Jan. 26 - Screenagers Viewing at Woodstock 6 PM
  • Fri., Jan. 27 - Ski Runners

    Mark Your Calendar/Upcoming Events:    
    • Wed., Feb. 1 - PTO Meeting 6 PM  
    • Fri., Feb. 3 - Ski Runners
    • Fri., Feb. 10 - Ski Runners
    • Sun., Feb. 12 - PTO Pasta Night 4 - 7 PM
    • Fri., Feb. 17 - 
      • Ski Runners
      • Non-Ski Runners - Bowling Field Trip
    • Mon., Feb. 20 - Fri., Feb. 24 - NO SCHOOL 
    • Fri., March 3 - 
      • NAEP - 9:30 - 11 AM
      • Ski Runners
    Thoughts to Ponder:


    Lots of learning in Gr. 3/4

    Morning Meeting - What a great way to start the day with Pre-K

    Kindergarten in PE

    Writing questions about the White House in Kindergarten

    Bookmaking with Mrs. Hawkins

    Lego Engineering in the After-school Program

    The 1st Gr. lead us in the Pledge of Allengience.

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